How To Paint A Motorcycle or Car Step By Step A-Z

How To Paint A Motorcycle Or Car Step By Step

Hey! What’s up! Here’s a video of the motorcycle project that we just completed. This is a glimpse of the whole process, starting from start to finish. You will see the detailed, step-by-step inside the VIP Course. I had a few parts that we did with epoxy for the cracks. And I did some little … Read more

How To Paint A Motorcycle Step By Step

How To Paint A Motorcycle Step By Step

Hey! What is going on! I made this picture presentation, video, slideshow (whatever you want to call it) because I just have so many pictures sitting around and I thought I can sort of go through the step-by-step process with you. You’ll get full, complete footage inside the VIP Course. The project  is a 1988 YSR50 … Read more

Auto Body And Paint Tips THEY Don’t Want You To Know About

auto body and paint tips

Hey! Good Morning! This is a quick video on a little tank project that I’m working on. Let me tell you a little bit about this thing so you understand what’s going on here. We have a Yamaha YSR50 gas tank and we’re on the final stage of the project.  I decided to do a two-tone graphic on it … Read more

DIY: How To Paint a Motorcycle Yourself Update Part 1

How To Paint A Motorcycle

Hey, what’s goin’ on! I haven’t been posting videos lately. I have just been really busy, with family visiting from New York and Japan and other stuff. Now I am definitely back and I’ll show you the bike project that will be uploaded to the VIP course in just a bit. Let me show you … Read more

How To Pinstripe A Motorcycle Tank

In this quick video, I show you how to pinstripe a motorcycle tank. I show you exactly how it’s done. What we’re using here is Prostripe. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s a very popular brand of automotive vinyl pinstriping. So you can go to any automotive store and I think there’s a … Read more