Gunbudd Giveaway and Quick AutoBody Q&A

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Q&A: Can you go over Gun Tip Sizes and what Sizes should be used for what application?

Overall paint jobs, when painting basecoat, the clearcoat, even single-stage, acrylic, or synthetic enamels, you want to spray with a 1.3 to a 1.4 tip size.

(I prefer 1.4 but sometimes I’m doing demos and people want to see how to paint like with a 1.3 as I have it, so I have multiple tip sizes here.) 

Then if you’re spraying any kind of 2k filler primer, you want to go with a 1.8 to a 2.0 tip size. It’s just a bigger orifice bigger hole that will allow you to spray those thicker primers without coming out dry.

Because if you’re shooting a thick paint out of a small tip, it’s just going to come out dry and it’ll clog up your tip within 30 seconds to a minute.

You could spray sealers with a 1.3 or 1.4.

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