Dry Sanding Vs. Wet Sanding | Autobody Q&A and Update for Upcoming Content

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Auto Body and Paint Q&A

Is there a difference between dry sanding and wet sanding, other than less dust in the air?

Dry sanding, you could kind of see it cut better because you could see what you’re cutting right away. And when you’re wet sanding it’s a little harder to see because everything is wet and glossy.

You gonna need more chamois to go over it. The wet sanding is cleaner and dry sanding is a lot dustier. I think dry sanding can cake up your disk, your paper. A lot quicker than wet sanding but it also depends on what you’re sanding. 

If you’re sanding an epoxy primer or a 2k primer where somebody screwed up and they didn’t add enough hardener and it’s a little cakey, you’re going to cake up your pad, either way, dry sanding or wet sanding.

One of the main things of pros of wet sanding is there’s a lot less dust, that’s one of the main pros and the second pro is a cleaner cut and less caking on your sandpaper.

Dry sanding is good though. I actually like dry sanding when I’m using 1500 to 2000 grit because you could literally see yourself. You could see cutting down the paint texture and orange peel.

Also, we are going to zoom up video footage on all of this, once we start sanding the bike down. You’re going to be able to see exactly what I’m talking about. 

Content Update:

We will be talking about dry sanding vs. wet sanding, the pros, and cons of both, sanding styles.

And also about what kind of blocks you want to be using or what you could use. We got a little Kovax block.

We got round-style blocks and inner surface pads for blocks that are soft like foam. There are different variants of this as well as harder foams and softer foams.

So there’s a lot of things we’re going to be covering.

We’re going to be sanding plastic motorcycle parts and prepping them for paint.  And also, we will be painting the flat plastic panels of the bike, the raw plastic, as well as the painted plastic.

We will be prepping it and going to cover techniques on how to prep the raw plastic for paint and the painted plastic for paint.

Probably take some of this stuff apart as well and we’re gonna be custom candy coating this whole bike and it’s gonna look super cool. So stay tuned at our YT Paradice Garage. 

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