๐Ÿ˜ณ How To Fix Burn Marks When Buffing – Burned Clearcoat

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Hey, Tony here from LearnAutoBodyandPaint with another question about How To Fix Burn Marks When Buffing – Burned Clearcoat. This question came from Dusty.

โ€œHey Tony, I just painted my car and was doing some color sanding and buffing and I burnt through the clear what’s the best way to fix that?โ€ 

There is no easy fix on this. The only way to fix this is to wash the hood with a degreaser or a dish soap really well. Then sand it down and reshoot it.  You need to re-base the section that was burnt and then clear the whole hood.

Another to remember is when buffing especially on the edges, make sure to buff off the corner in a clockwise direction.

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