Burying FLAKE In Your Paint Jobs! 👍

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyandPaint with today’s topic on Burying FLAKE In Your Paint Jobs. We have a question from Dave about his 1980 Pontiac Grand Prix T-Top.

“Hi Tony. My 1980 Pontiac Grand Prix T-Top is getting ready for repaint because I totally screwed up the large metal flake in first clear coat.  I have cut back to factory sized flake but any tips to get nice even coverage without blobs and streaks would be awesome. I am most concerned about matching flake around corners and between panels.  I have car done in cherry red metallic but wanted to punch it up with gold flake in clear coat. Thanks for all your awesome help in your training.”

You can use a 1.3 or 1.4 tip in flake carrier or in your clear coat. A 1.8 tip size is good for a bigger flake or jumbo flake. 

I would have the whole panel prepped up to be ready for it but instead of using a carrier or a clear base coat like DBC or PPG for mini and medium flake I’d recommend TAMCO Intercoat Clear Pearl and Flake Carrier which is available on Zoolaa.

For jumbo flake, all you have to do is lay a heavy coat of clear on your panel then another batch of clear coat with jumbo flake in it. Lay that on top until you get your desired coverage. 

You need to put your clear on top so the pointy edges will be buried into it then cover it with plain clear coat again. It’s like doing a clear coat cushion bed dropping flake with clear then more clear coat on top of it with proper flash times. 

If you’re doing a medium flake, you could put it in your clear coat and just blast it or use a carrier and shoot it out however you like it. 

You need to flow coat for 2 to 3 coats of clear coat. Use 800-grit to flatten the surface, then 2 more heavy coats of clear on it, a few days after it cures. 

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