☑️ How To Pull Out a Dent TRUCK BED

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Hey, it’s the #BossPainter Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another question about How To Pull Out a Dent TRUCK BED. Here’s a question from Larry. 

“I’d like to know the best way to remove a dent from a pick-up box. High side is close to the tail light and dent into the top crease of the bed which is probably 1 3/4” caved-in and 8×12 area that’s damaged”.

Thanks for the images as it helps me assess your project and how to progress with it. Remember guys, please send in images together with your questions so I can give you an accurate recommendation on your project.

There are two ways to do this. Number one, is to take the tail light out to give you access to the inner panel. You’ll need a pry bar with a piece of wood to push the dent out from the inside.

You might also need to shrink the metal with the help of a metal dolly to tap it after pushing the dent out. Another way to shrink the metal is to heat it with the torch, tap and put cold water on it. 

Alternatively, you can also weld some pins in the area and pull it out. Watch the video as I show you the areas you need to work on and how to do it. 

After which, grind the whole area down and sand it with 80-grit using a  DA. Apply your body filler and block it out.  

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. I hope this short video on How To Pull Out a Dent, and hope it helps you with your project.

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