Can You Clearcoat Over 1k Clear With 2k Clearcoat❓

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What’s up guys! It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint and today’s topic is all about, “Can You Clearcoat Over 1k Clear With 2k Clearcoat.”

This question a little confusing to me but I don’t want to leave Martin hanging so I will answer this question the best that I can. I really suggest for you guys to send me videos and pictures of your project so I can help you out all the more. Here we go. :

“Hi Tony, Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I’ve learned so much. I was building an old ‘92 Ducati and I can see my spraying improve as I was learning. I’m disabled so I can’t spend too long in my garage so it’s taking a long time. I have two questions, please. 1. Can You use 2k clear over 1K clear.? 2. What’s the easiest way to get rid of clear sagging on top of flake clear? Hand sand or DA?”

The answer is yes, but not immediately. I wouldn’t clear 2k over 1k and it is not recommended. You shouldn’t be doing this all the time but it can be done. I have tried it and it was a success.

If maybe you are working on a project and you have 1k clear and decided you decided to do a 2k and don’t want to do the whole thing again, this is okay. As long as the 1k clear is at least 2 weeks cured dry,  you could spray 2k over without any issues.  

This second question is a little tricky for me.  Do you mean metal flaking your clear coat or is your clear coat flaking? 

I’d say, you can use both hand sand and DA. You can use a DA to quick cut the process. You can sand it down with DA and go to a finer grit and finish off with hand sanding.  

I always like to finish my work with hand sanding no matter what I do before paint to feel the imperfections. Your hand is the best tool you could use in a body shop. 🙂

When you said “sagging clear”, do you mean you have metal flake in your clear coat. If so, I would cut that down with 800-grit to 600-grit and go down to 2000-grit by hand. Then, drop it down to 1000- to 2000-grit or go over 2500-grit. 

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