Air Line Water Trap for Automotive Painting 👌

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Hi, It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyandPaint with another Q&A video. Today’s topic is all about Air Line Water Trap for Automotive Painting. Here’s a question from Ron.

“Hey my friend, I hope this question is not redundant for you as you may have addressed it many times.  Dollar for dollar what is a very good water eliminator for compressed air? I’ve tried the small inline $100 units but not happy with the results. I see refrigerant units and saw one today from AIR OPTIONS INC JT-20 that does not use refrigerant.  I have a 5 HP 2 stage. Hoping to solve my moisture problem $300 – $ 500. Any thoughts? Thank You!” 

I never really had moisture issues. I’m not sure if you’re in a very cold environment or if your compressor is on all the time and you’re just making condensation. What I use is a simple Ingersoll Rand filter that costs almost $100. 

Every time I use my compressor I make sure it is empty before a paint job or sometimes in between a paint job. 

Set up your compressor 10- 15 feet away from your filter, regulator and use an “inline water filter” at the neck or bottom of your spray gun. That is like extra last insurance to take out the moisture coming into your gun. Normally, they last about 8 to 10 paint jobs before I change them. But if you’re only doing touch-ups it will last a while as well. 

There’s a bunch of filter tools that you can actually use, you can even customize your own water trap.  You don’t need to spend $3500 to solve your moisture problem, if you get the right unit for a lesser price like $100, you’ll cure the problem.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas. There’s a lot of available information if you check the website, LearnAutoBodyAndPaint and look under blogs and search air compressors. It will show you exactly the air compressor setup I have at home. 

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