How To Fix Paint Chip On Car Door: Auto Body Q&A 👌

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Tony B. Richie is back with another auto body session! Today’s focus question is How To Fix Paint Chip On Car Door. Read on! 👊

Update on the Honda Grom project! I will be postponing this to a later date as I’ve been quite busy setting up some other things. But, please don’t worry as I will be doing this soon so stay tuned! 💪

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Question: I want to paint my aluminum wheels with a black color. How would you tackle that?

You can scuff it with a red 3M scotchbrite pad and put etching primer and 2K filler primer right over it. Then, sand it down nice and flat with 400-grit and you’re ready for paint. 

Question: I have a blemish on my paint and didn’t see it until it was cleared. What grit do I use to sand the clear down and re-base it?

You can go from 400 to 800-grit. It doesn’t matter because you’re going to re-base it. I personally will go for 600 or 800-grit. You’ll scuff down your clear coat, re-base that area and just shoot clear on it. 

Question: If you need to correct a job that has been cleared, do I have to sand down to the bare metal again?

No you don’t. You can just scuff your clear coat and repaint over your clear coat. You don’t have to go down to metal. 

Question: My wife opened the door and hit a shopping cart and now I have a paint chip on the door. Can I just repair that area or repaint the door?

It’s tough but if you want to repair that certain area, you can just get a touch-up brush, mix a little base coat and clear and turn it into a little enamel. Just mix a capful of clear coat with hardener and add 50% base coat. Sand it down a little bit and buff it. You might not like the finish but it will probably look better than it does now. However, if you want it to look like the job of a pro, you’ll need to redo the door. That’s really how it is. 🤷‍♂️

Question: Does single-stage paint need a bigger tip than the 1.3mm? I shot it at 22 psi at slow speed.

You can spray single-stage with a 1.3mm or a 1.4mm tip. I prefer the 1.4 tip size because I like to get more paint on my panels. However, you need to spray a little faster with the 1.4 tip. You should be spraying at 24-26 psi with a single-stage plus a full-open throttle. 

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