How To Paint a Car – In Pieces or Not?

It’s not a common question, but a good one.

“Should I paint my car in pieces or not?” …”What are the pro’s and con’s of painting a car or any project in pieces?”

If you’re painting solid, metallic colors with no added flake, pearl or candy then you can paint in pieces or stages.

What I mean by stages is painting part of the car one day. Like your hood, fenders and bumpers, then painting the rest of the car the next day all in pieces in your garage.

The reason it’s ok to do this is because your colors aren’t custom. You’re not adding extra flake or pearl in your intercoat or in your clear coat.

If you are then color matching will be an issue. The reason why is that you won’t be able to SEE how your coats are laying on. Thus, not being able to correctly color match your panels.

If your painting all of your parts in the booth at once and in pieces, then yes. You can do this if you feel that you can lay even coats over all parts.

Painting Custom Colors

The more custom your colors are, the harder it will be to color match. You’ll have to also ensure correct paint mixing ratios. Just like CANDY PAINTS. If spraying candy, it’s recommended to paint your car or entire project in one piece.

Unless the parts are small like a motorcycle fairing kit.

Then you can have your fenders, tank and side fairings all next to each other and painting them at once in pieces.

If painting something small like this, then yes painting custom all in pieces at once is the only real way to accomplish a world-class job.

As long as you have great lighting and all pieces are in good range to check for color matching you can basically spray custom colors with pearls, flake and even candy.

The whole point is not to spray custom colors such as added pearl, flake and candy in pieces on different days. If you’re doing all of this at once in your garage or spray booth on the same day, you can go for it.

I wouldn’t recommend this for newbies. If you are a newbie, and your thinking of shooting pearl, flake and even candy then spray your car in one piece.

how to paint a car - in pieces or not?

It will give you a better chance to get a good color match, and remember, candies are the one of the hardest top coats to paint.

You must feel comfortable with your gun and have proper flow and distance down pat first. If not, you risk having a blotchy and uneven candy coat.

I hope this post made sense to you and thank you for reading and watching the video. If you haven’t watched the video, then it may make better sense to you so watch it.

Learning how to paint a car is fun and we want to help you understand all of the elements in a easy to learn way.

We want to make the process of learning this skill fun, easy and most of all we want  you to gain confidence that you can do this. And soon you’ll be achieving AMAZING RESULTS with any project that you decide to tackle.

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18 thoughts on “How To Paint a Car – In Pieces or Not?”

  1. Great video over painting project whole or in pieces.

    Have you ever painted chrome paint?

    I would like to paint plastic grill and running bar on my truck.


    • Thanks Mel! I have and there are a few different ways to do this. One is to spray a black base coat, then to spray your chrome paint on it followed by clear. I will do a more in-depth video and post on this in the future for sure. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for another great video, Tony!! You read my mind. Will be painting a 21 ft motor home in the spring (just basic white) and was hoping to paint it over the course of a couple of days. Do you cover painting more than one color on the same vehicle anywhere in the course?

  3. Tony great info.You answered my question.I am going to paint a 1963 Chevy truck. It will be red.Will white primer make the red color come out better than say gray primer? Thank’s David

  4. I have been watching Toni for awhile know even tho I hav not yet been able to go VIP because of Finacial problems and than being homeless for about 6-8 months last year I am starting to finally learn the priming sanding and the body work it self from Toni and some books I have been reading from my local library I am getting ready to put together and paint my 1995 ford probe. I have many plans for the motor from upgrading the stock I4 or to doing a motor swap wit a 03 focus svt and it’s getting hard since it is hard to find good steady workin nj. I have learned a lot about painting cars and trucks from Toni and I plan on hopefully getting this paint done once I finish paying my friends father the rest of the money since I am a lil strapped for cash.

    • Keep on trucking Carmino. Sounds like you’re on the right track and coming out of the rut. I am glad that you are getting a lot of info out of our site. Wishing you well and Thank you for the comment. If you have any auto body and paint questions please, just let us know πŸ™‚ Talk soon!

  5. I want to paint my 56 ford pickup but I want the dull primer finish look. I’m going with a solid with two stage paint?? I hear that there is a flattner for the clear but never done this before. Sounds simple enough but what are thing I should be aware of??

    • Just remember that you will not be able to buff it or it will turn glossy. That means that you have no room for mistakes when spraying. No sags and runs etc. Also the amount of flattening agent that you add will determine how flat your paint lays on. Good luck!

  6. Yeah I got one I think possible worth video
    My fiancΓ©es car is factory silver and she needs a new fender would it be ok to paint just the new fender or would it be easier to paint on the car and sand some off the door and do a color fade match I fogey Wat it is called


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