How To Reduce Pollution When Spray Painting A Vehicle

Hey, it’s Tony! Thanks for checking out this blog.  We’ve talked a lot about techniques on how to spruce up your car, the tools I recommend and a lot of other things to help in car flipping.

But today, we’ll talk about something different.  We’ll talk about how to care for the environment.  This is all about how to reduce pollution when spray painting a vehicle.

It is important to also help our environment and take care of our planet just as how we take care of our cars.  This is the only home we have.

Our planet is becoming more and more polluted over time which is why a lot of government agencies and research institutions start taking the necessary steps to reduce pollution.

The automotive industry is also a field of interest for these agencies because of our methods of applying automotive paint and that it should pass emission standards.

If we use a brush or roller to apply paint, then the level of concern wouldn’t be as much.  But since we use solvents to spray onto surfaces easily, these harmful solvents escape into the atmosphere from evaporation and paint overspray.

You may be surprised that any gallon of paint can contain up to ninety percent of solvent!  Unfortunately, the types of solvents used in automotive paints are composed of VOCs, which means volatile organic compounds.  They evaporate easily.

These types of organic compounds in traditional auto paint solvents react with other molecules in the air such as nitrous oxides resulting in the production of ozone, one of the main causes of smog.

To comply with government regulations, body shops use high-tech paint booths complete with downdraft ventilation systems. Each booth must be equipped with special filtering systems that will burn off or filter out the VOC’s.

So, let’s do our part and care for the environment.  Be vigilant in the things you use for your cars this is the least you can do to help contribute to a pollution-free environment.

So, it’s Tony.  I’m not so much of an environmentalist, but I try to help out as much as I can for our kids’ future.  I hope you can too.

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3 thoughts on “How To Reduce Pollution When Spray Painting A Vehicle”

  1. Hey Tony,
    I agree, we should all try to do anything possible to avoid contaminating/polluting the only home we’ve got. I’d like to see more videos using water bourne paints. Do a project and document it using only water based primer/paint etc.

  2. I use to use DuPont paint. Now can’t buy it in Canada, A great paint.
    Then NAPA sold Full Cryll. Not to bad a paint but no longer available.They sell Metal Pro paint now that won’t go through my Sata 5000 HVLP gun. This is a paint that you would buy at the local hardware Only add 10% reducer because of the VOC regulations. The water base paints are very bad to use for your health like the old paints


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