How To Sand Convex, Concave and Contour Body Lines Using a DA, Block and Your Hand ๐Ÿš˜

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Hey, itโ€™s Tony here from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another question from Tom about concave, contour and convex surfaces when sanding. 

“Hi Tony. How do you use a DA Sander on large and small concave surfaces? I donโ€™t have problems on convex contours and flat surfaces, but it seems difficult for indented body contours.โ€

Convex is an outward surface while concave are inward surfaces. Classic cars have this style of body lines. 

You can use a thicker and softer sponge to help you squeeze into the concave areas. Check out the video as I do a little demo for you on these surfaces. 

When you use a sand paper for these surfaces, you can save them to use on a flat surface or on cutting bondo. Just because you burned through the edge that doesnโ€™t mean you have to throw it out. 

You can also use a hand block. Use your hands to get to round areas and hard to reach areas. Your hands are the best block that you can use for your body work! ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course, use a hard block for hard surfaces.

Itโ€™s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. I hope you enjoyed this short video and hope this helps you guys with your own car projects. 

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