How To Start And Paint Your Car Yourself! ๐Ÿš—

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Hey, Itโ€™s the #BossPainter Tony from LearnAutoBodyandPaint back for another Q&A. Here is a question from Trevor.

โ€œHey Tony! I am trying to figure out how to start prepping my car for bodywork and paint

It doesnโ€™t have much of a clear over it and I am just wondering what to start with.โ€

Trevor, I will open up your world and make it blossom and shine with clarity ๐Ÿ™‚  There are lots of free videos on YouTube and you can also search for it on the net and youโ€™ll find hundreds of random videos on how to paint a car. 

Additionally, you can download the FREE 85-Page Auto Body and Paint Manual. The guide has specific sections as to where you can find videos of a specific auto body topic such as sanding or masking. 

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Itโ€™s Tony of LearnAutoBodyandPaint. Iโ€™ve been doing auto body for over 20 years, painted my first motorcycle when I was 13 and my first car when I was 15.  I want to give back and share my experience and inspire others whoโ€™d like to get started but doubt that they can do it.

If you are doubting yourself, DONโ€™T! Just get cranking! Thanks everyone for joining me today. Please donโ€™t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to my videos!

Talk soon! Cheers!


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