Learn Auto Body And Paint VIP Member Shirts!

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Here is a video and some images below of the Learn Auto Body And Paint VIP Member Shirts that you’re all going to have the opportunity to get sent to your door!

Once your an official LearnAutoBodyAndPaint.com VIP Member, not will you only be on the fast-track to starting your new auto body and paint education, you’ll also have VIP access to the private forum where you can interact with hundreds of like minded members from all around the world.

The Limited Edition VIP Member Shirts - VIP ONLY!
The Limited Edition VIP Member Shirts – VIP ONLY!
LABAP Member Shirts!
FREE Member shirts that you’ll have the opportunity to get sent to your door once a member










With over 70 PLUS HOURS of step-by-step auto body and paint training, you’re bound to get the ULTIMATE DIY Experience. Complete trainings that are proven to satisfy do-it-yourself car enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether you’re a total auto body beginner or an advanced body man, we have confidence that you’ll learn advanced and cutting-edge strategies that will get you on a rolling start.

Let’s Get You Started TODAY!

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  1. I love the VIP course!! Im really learning alot!!! Thank you and I would love to where one of your shirts to promote you and your great work!

  2. Im GLAD I became one of the first VIP members to this course! Its REALLY the ONLY WAY to go if you want to learn to paint like the PROS!! How do you get one of the free shirts?? Can they be purchased if you dont get one free??

  3. I saw a teaser video on youtube about a boat painting project you’re doing. I would consider being a vip member if that project is in the learning matereial. Is it?

  4. i must admit your information is of great advantage to some one like me who has little knowledge of paintting a bike or car, greet keep up the good work….

  5. Hi tony I bought the vip course on e bay best course I ever had on anything . How do I log on to vip members and do have any dvds on major bodywork.like salvage restore, thanks Jim m


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