NEW: Acrylic Enamel Auto Paint VS Synthetic Enamel Paint for Cars!

Acrylic enamel paint jobs - Synthetic enamel paint job from home!
Blog post talking about all types of Acrylic enamel auto paints – how to paint a car with synthetic or acrylic enamel paints

In this post I will touch on New Acrylic Enamel Auto Paint and Synthetic Enamel Paints and how you can successfully use them on your projects

When it comes to painting your car or project you basically have a few choices and most times our choices depend on our budgets.

If you don’t have the budget for a high quality two stage base coat clear coat paint job then you have another option. A single stage acrylic enamel or synthetic enamel paint job.

Let me explain the difference between a single stage paint job VS a two stage paint job.

Enamel Paint Jobs are Called Single stage paint jobs:
A single stage paint job means just that. All you do is mixup and paint a single paint. No clear coat required. Think of it like some of your wife’s, or girlfriends nail polish. You paint on a few coats and it’s already glossy.

These single stage paints also come in a variety of options and the cheapest being the “Synthetic Enamel Blend“. Synthetic enamel paints are cheaper because of the blend of the paint that it is. Usually, all you need when mixing a synthetic enamel paint is your main color and a reducer. Just two items to mix.

The other type of enamel paint will be the “Acrylic Enamel blend” where you have 3 parts to the mix. Your main paint color, your reducer, and your activator also called hardener. This blend will cost a little more, maybe an extra $40-65 dollars because all you’re doing is buying the activator and adding that into the mix. This Acrylic Enamel blend will be much more durable because of the hardener that’s added to the mix.

With the synthetic enamel blend, believe it or not, it will still dry properly and also have a great finish but when you think of durability your acrylic system will last longer and have a harder finish. If you are cheap and on a budget and looking for a FAST paint job then synthetic enamel paint will be best for you.

Perfect for buying and selling a car for profit and you want a quick inexpensive paint job on it.

Like I said the difference between the both enamel systems will be about $40-65 dollars.

You can paint them rather easily and if your prep work is done correct you’ll have a nice finish. I have also sprayed this stuff outside under a open canvas tent on a nice day. The results were pretty amazing with hardly any dust.

If you want to see the documented step-by-step video process and learn how YOU can customize and paint your own projects with enamel paints and get a beautiful finish be sure to check out our Auto Body VIP MEMBERSHIP CLUB Here!

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21 thoughts on “NEW: Acrylic Enamel Auto Paint VS Synthetic Enamel Paint for Cars!”

  1. Hello Tony I’m really thankful for all your tips ,I learn a bunch I got 2 big projects and Im confident that with all the info you given I can do it! Thank you and God bless u, you are gifted remember that my bro.

  2. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Great information Tony, Thanks. Which paint will buff out the best and how long should I wait?

  3. Thanks for clearing up some of the confusion…Ilooked at a paint supplier brochure….wish we had your paint supplier……is it true that there is a newer type of paint that requires 3 components?…an additional one before the base and clear coat?..and what about the water based paints?…

  4. If I spray a base coat do I sand the base coat before putting clear and how long do I wait until I spray the clear and how long till I can buff it and wash it

    • No, all these methods are covered in step-by-step detail in the VIP course.

      You can spray the clear as soon as 30 minutes after base or up to 24 hours later. Be sure to tack your base coat before you lay your clear coat.

  5. He Tony, Can you tell something about the minimum amount of layers to get a proper result with Synthetic Enamel Paints especially when you want to polish it afterwards?

  6. Got a gallon of acme synthetic enamel that I purchased in 1974. I am sure the composition is different than what is made today. Do you know what kind of reducer to use with this paint?


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