New VIPs Welcome 🤩💪 Plus New Office Tour

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s video is entitled New VIPs Welcome 🤩💪 Plus New Office Tour.

Here is the quick view and part of my new office. Let’s go ahead and go in as a I show you the new layout and what it looks like here.

Let’s go ahead and show you in the video.

Here’s a piano because my daughter likes to play. I kind of play the piano but not really that great. J

This is really like a cozy home. It’s super nice. I haven’t really put some stuff in the fridge yet as well as the pictures, I haven’t hang them on the wall yet.

Over here is the studio room where we have some ladders and other stuff so it’s not really set up yet. Check out my main office where I do a lot of computer work and other business stuff.

Now here in the bathroom, I even set up a washer and dryer just in case. Here’s my dog, Sandy. She just got surgery but she’s okay.

There are a lot of cool updates coming. I am moving out of the country in about 6-8 months for a brand new venture but I will stay in touch and keep making videos.

Yes, the first video is down because I had to re-edit and re-upload it since my credit card information was shown in that video. I will upload the edited video right now.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Thanks everyone for joining me today. It’s been crazy for the last couple of weeks and there’s just so many things going on but we will get back to the live streams soon. I know some of you are asking about it. I may not be doing it on Thursdays and move it on a weekend so it won’t conflict with some of the daddy duties. J

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Once it starts to get warmer, we will start working on projects. I don’t like working in the cold, and don’t want to go crazy and heat up my garage. We’ll be doing some whiteboard content and live Q&As during the cold weather.

Again, thanks for joining me. Please don’t forget to SMASH that LIKE button, Share and Subscribe to my videos!

Cheers! Talk soon!


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