Oh, no! I Missed A Base Coat Spot And Saw It After I’ve Clear Coated It!: Auto Body Q&A 😱

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The #BossPainter is back with another auto body Q&A! Today’s session is entitled, “Oh, no! I Missed A Spot To Base Coat And Saw It After I’ve Clear Coated It!”

Question: I just sprayed epoxy on bare metal roof and hood. Do I need to scuff or can I spray 2K on top?

You can spray 2K right on top without any problems! 🙂

Question: How does flex additive work on bumper painting?

I usually don’t use it because paint is flexible the way it is. It won’t crack unless you hit something with it. 

Question: I missed a little spot of base and I’ve already clear coated it. How do I fix that?

I would let it dry, scuff down the whole panel and repaint the whole thing. You’ll need to clear the whole panel anyway so might as well repaint the entire thing. 

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Question: How long does a blend job last?

It really depends on how well of a job you do. Another thing you need to consider is taking care of the paint job after you paint it. It won’t last too long if you’ll keep it under a tree with bird crap plus the weather affecting the paint, as opposed to keeping it polished in a garage. 

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