RESPRAYED?: How To Spot if a Car Was Repaired and Painted!

Have you ever wondered how to spot if a car had been damaged and then repaired and resprayed? In this blog post, I’m going to discuss how to tell if your car has been painted/repaired or not. Don’t forget to sign-up for to Learn Auto Body and Paint FREE COURSE for the step-by-step autobody work/process of “The G.O.O.D. Van Project” and more custom autobody work and paintPlease also LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YT channel for new videos coming out soon. And if you want to learn how to make money with E-Commerce subscribe now to this link:

First thing, when I looked at it, it was like it’s been painted. And the other thing is, you can tell it’s been freshly painted especially for about the first two weeks, you will actually smell the clear coat. If it’s been painted for like a couple of days, you’ll be able to smell the clear coat. if I smell it now, I can still smell it. I would say these paint jobs are probably about two to three weeks old. 

You will continue to smell the paint on a new paint job for about six to seven weeks and then it starts to really cure and dry and you won’t smell the fresh paint anymore. So that’s one thing. 

And the other thing is, you’ll be able to tell it’s been sprayed by looking at some of the masking. 


So you can see right here we got some paint on the rubber and some bad masking there. When I was inspecting and looking in the trunk, I got some paint here and everything’s been painted. 

You can see they taped up the lights. so we got some heavy clear coat right in here. The whole car has been re-sprayed and I think they did an okay job, not bad for a quick turnaround. 


If we go in here, you can kind of see that they sprayed clear coat over dust, so this is basically dust in the clear coat. Kinda like underneath here, they probably didn’t blow this out and improper prep, basically. 

“sprayed over dust”

And the other thing is I noticed some runs under our emblem here, you can see the runs there. So that means they didn’t take it off -they basically masked this up. I would have taken them off and sprayed them right over it.


Overall you can see some of the bodywork here. They got some grind marks, some spots, and some bodywork here. 

“grind marks”

And overall, the clear coats have a little orange peel. they did buff out the hood and although they did spray door jambs. Because you can easily see the clear coat up and then the flatness in the door jamb, so they did spray. 

“sprayed door jambs”

But what was the biggest giveaway for me was when I opened the driver’s door, you can see right away that they did bodywork. They sanded, but they didn’t spray some part of the door jamb. There’s a little bit of overspray so that was a big giveaway. It was sanded, they prepped it but they didn’t get the final paint onto that maybe they just were rushing and they forgot about it. 


You can also see some of the tapings here. If we go along the front you can see the taping here as well. But overall, I mean I think it looks good, not bad. 


It looks like they also clear coated the headlights but they didn’t do a really good job at it. I’m actually thinking of sanding these down with 800 and giving it a better clear coat. 

“clear coated headlights”

So I ended up picking this thing up “2012 Honda Fit” that was completely repainted but doesn’t look bad at all. Theft recovery salvage with super minor damage for 8500 bucks. The AC blows cold, all power everything works. 

So I hope you enjoyed this. Tony here from I hope you learned how to spot some simple ways to if a car has been re-sprayed or not. I’ll see you in the next content video and blog post. Have a great day.


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