Rust Repair On Car Door, How To Avoid Tiger Stripes When Applying Metallic Paint & More Autobody Q&A

Tiger stripes on your car’s metallic paint job are highly undesirable. As the paint isn’t a single layer but is made up of lots and lots of thin layers for superior sheen, an uneven application can result in breakages. Read this post for some tips and other autobody questions answered. Don’t forget to sign-up for to Learn Auto Body and Paint FREE COURSE for the step-by-step autobody work/process of “The G.O.O.D. Van Project”. Please also LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YT channel for new videos coming out soon. And if you want to learn how to make money with E-Commerce subscribe now to this link:

QUESTION: What’s the mix of vinegar and water to kill rust?

I like to do a 50:50.  You can use white vinegar the -cheap gallon and you can pick them up at Costco for like under 10 bucks. 50:50 with water and just rub it on your grinded rusted surfaces before you prime so you could just put it on with a wet rag. Then be sure to scuff it before you put your body filler on it, If you do put body filler or primer make sure you scuff it. You don’t want to just put your body filler or primer right on top of that after it dries and you want to give it a scuff again.

QUESTION: What do you recommend for killing rust inside a trunk lid and inside of car doors?

Well, I would grind it down first. You could put some vinegar water 50:50 on a rag and just wipe it down, scuff it with 80 grit, and blow it all out. Then you could just get some under paintable undercoating, rubberized undercoating and you can just spray that.

There are so many brands, Bondo makes a brand and you can get that at O’Reilly or checkers. I buy this (TITE SEAL) on eBay, it’s an autobody/black undercoating and that’s something I’ll probably end up doing in the trunk of this Chevelle. 

Look into rubberized undercoating, it’s really good to put on inside of trunks and whatnot underneath the body, the carriage, and all that.

QUESTION: How to avoid tiger stripes when painting a silver metallic single stage?

Well, it’s to basically crisscross your patterns. Make sure you’re using a good gun that atomizes and has a good fan pattern. Always test it when you’re setting up a gun. Tested it on a piece of paper or whatever because sometimes when you’re spraying your fan pattern is going to look thick on top, and thin on the bottom. And then some are going to be thick on top and bottom and ascending to the middle. A normal sand pattern is going to be oval, that’s what you want, and sometimes you’re gonna get vice versa. 

You want to make sure your fan pattern is coming out even because if you have an uneven fan pattern sometimes it’s even worse where you got super dark up, light in the middle, and then a little dark spot down. This is what going to give you because you’re getting so much more material in new spots or over the top, it’s not even, it’s going to give you tiger stripes. So make sure you’re using a good gun. 

Make sure if you’re getting an issue like that with any gun you’re using, the number one thing is to make sure all little holes up on the front of the air cap are cleaned out. You want to make sure that everything’s clean because if your areas not atomizing your paint and your fluid correctly, you’re going to get that type of issue. 

So you’re having an issue, number 1, before you paint clean your gun out. Number 2, if you don’t have a good gun, cheap guns, tend to not have the best atomization go and upgrade. Get yourself a medium-grade gun.

I like to use ATOM X27, If not, you can go high-end and get yourself a SATA or something or there are a bunch of different brands out there. But you know, you could invest in a better gun. And then the other thing is when you’re painting, you want to paint not just this way (11:11) when you’re done with that first coat or second coat, you’re going to want to kind of spread it out this way (11:21). And then also, what you could do is up your pressure 1 to 2 pounds and pull your gun back a little bit more. 

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So normally, you’re going to be spraying four to six inches away from the panel. You can up your pressure a little bit more, and then come up a little bit more and then dust it.  Then you’re going to basically look at what you’re doing while you’re painting. Because if you’re noticing some tiger stripes or whatever, it’s time to adjust and get rid of it while painting if you can. That’s pretty much the only tip I can give you offhand as far as tiger stripes. If you get that, you screwed it up, and you basically got to redo the paint job.


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