HVLP Spray Guns – The Things To Consider When Purchasing A Spray Paint Gun

HVLP Spray Guns (High Volume Low Pressure) and the number one factor you must consider when purchasing a spray paint gun. In addition to paint guns, you can purchase air valves that attach to spray guns in-line with their air supply. The purpose of these valves is to help you fine-tune the air pressure at … Read more

How To Paint Using (HVLP) High Volume Low Pressure Guns!

The new High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) guns, by contrast, use a lower air pressure at the gun’s tip to prevent as much ricocheting of paint from the car’s surface during painting. Pressure remains high at the inlet – up to 60 psi for typical painting jobs – but is only around 10 psi (pounds per square inch) at the nozzle. The HVLP spray gun shoots a huge amount of paint at low pressure, creating good, smooth coverage with far less paint rebounding from the sheet metal.