✌️ Two Tone Paint Striping Tips and Tricks

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Hey, the #BossPainter is back! It’s me, Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s topic is Two Tone Paint Striping Tips and Tricks. Here’s the question from John.

“Tony, thanks for opening a Q&A! What’s the best method to add a stripe to an existing paint job? I normally put stripes on when base coating then clear over everything. I am not sure the best way to add one after the fact, with minimal edges, of course. Or, do I have to do a pinstripe transition? Thanks.”

I do my two tones on the base coat stage. In between the lines, or the transition, you can lightly rub it with an 800-grit water sand to get it smooth. Then, finish off your paint job with 2-3 coats of clear coat on top of that. 

Wait about a week or two then do your flow coating. Just sand the whole hood down with 800-grit and put two two more coats for clear coat to give you a seamless finish.

If you don’t mind having a pinstripe finish, then that’s fine. I’ve done that before. Otherwise, go with the seamless finish. It all depends on you. 

You’re doing it correctly, John. Hopefully this helps. It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. I hope you enjoyed today’s topic on Two Tone Paint Striping Tips and Tricks.

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