How To EASILY Fix Chemical Reactions On Your Car Paint Job | Autobody Q&A

Is your car’s paint job suddenly looking worse than when you first had it done? If so, there is a good chance that you are experiencing a chemical reaction. While these problems can be frustrating, they are also relatively easy to fix if you know what to do. In this Autobody Q&A post, we will discuss how to easily fix common chemical reactions on car paint jobs. Read on to learn more!

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Question: I keep getting chemical reactions on one side of my car. Had sealed the whole left side with a Transtar primer/sealer then applied Sherman Williams ATX line of base coat. I am getting these reactions. I got them before when I sprayed directly onto sanded base coat so I sanded out all those areas and sprayed the whole side with a urethane sealer. Paint is too expensive for me to keep screwing up. Do I take this whole side down to metal and start fresh?

When you spray base coat on top of it the next time, this is the trick and I talked about this in VIP.

We did it on the Grom Project which the videos are going to be released soon.

You’re going to be spraying your base coat at about 25 pounds. But you’re going to spray your base coat on these areas again very lightly and you’re going to dust it on until you get color coverage.

You’re going to spray very lightly with your air coming out, then you’re going to dust the paint and shoot air on it. Make sure it dries, dust the paint, and then you just kind of have air blowing on it. 

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