Keeping Dust Down When Painting In Your Garage! Paint Booth Tips πŸ†—βœ”οΈπŸš™

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Hey it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with today’s Q&A series. Here’s Warren with his question.

“I’m shooting in my garage and trying to be as clean as possible. My base coat always comes out fine but my clear always seems to get dirt and dust in it, How do I fix this problem? “

I spray in the garage here as well. I always recommend our VIPs to hose out your garage with water right before you paint. Wet the floor as it will help keep the dust down.

Another thing, is you can put tarps or plastic sheeting along the sides of your garage and on the top. You can staple it and try to keep the dust out of your garage.

The next thing is ventilation. You can have at least 2 box fan blowing air out and have an intake somewhere with a filter, to keep clean air coming in. That way, air is coming in is at one inside the shop.

I don’t even have this set up in my shop. I just have the door open, a box fan and ventilation going that way. That’s the best you could do.

The good thing about base coat clear coat is, you want to make sure you tack between every base coat. You never want to tack rag between clear coat. Before spraying your clear coat make sure you tack down your base coat.If you get dust in your clear coat, you can cut and buff that are.  

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All painters experience dust while painting in their garage. The good thing about using clear coat is that you can cut it out then sand it to a nice perfection.

You can also try renting a spray booth if you’re doing a complete paint job. Just stop by a local body shop area and see how much they would charge for half a day rental and you can bring your parts in there. If you do proper tarping, and plastic sheeting and wet your floor down, that’s gonna handle 95% of the problem.

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