SEMA 2016 Car Show and DIY Auto Body & Paint News

It’s Tony with another live stream. Today’s topic is all about SEMA 2016 Car Show and DIY Auto Body & Paint News.

I was in Vegas and at SEMA for a couple of days. I bumped into some VIPs in SEMA as well as people who know me from YouTube. It’s a huge event. It’s pretty cool.

I hooked up with a lot of vendors for new products such as clear coats, sandpapers, compounds, buffing pads and a whole lot of other items.

I’ll be testing out all of these products and will be opening up an online auto body store and sell high quality products at a better deal.

I learned something new while I was there and I’m going to burn my old buffing pads. I’ll show you exactly how to get unbelievable buffing jobs done once the system has been set up. Stay tuned for that.

I’ve got new spray guns to test out from SEMA. It is not a high end brand but I wanted to test out spray guns that give the same quality in terms of craftsmanship and performance, but at very affordable prices.

I know I’ve been promoting Warwick spray guns, but this guy in SEMA gave me this spray gun to test out. I will give out a review of this product once I get to use it.

Here’s another product which I got from another guy in SEMA. It protects your rims and make it look different. The partial owner in this business is from Hawaii.

You can get them in 10 different colors and there’s a 3M two-way tape at the back. It comes with cleaning wipes, which is basically just alcohol and adhesion promoter.

I use lacquer thinner and alcohol to clean the rims. Then, stick it on. You can do up to 26-inch diameter rims. They don’t fit any style of rim, you need to have a little lip on your rim. Check out the video how it looks on the rims of my BMW.

You can join it, by having a flush joint like how I show you on video. Cut it with a razor nice and close. However, it also comes with a 4-pack of connector with a super glue. You then, glue it and hook this cap over the joint. That’s how they advertise it.

My rims are pretty damaged and here’s how the finished edge looks like as shown in the video. Some people think it looks cheap, but I’m not sure if I like them. It does protect the rims and mask the gouge though.

If you are interested, I can get you some at a good deal. Although, the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for this is a little high in my opinion.

The MSRP for a set of these is $79.95. What do you think? I personally think it’s too much. I would say it should just cost $50 max.

I’m not crazy about it. I’m going to lower it an inch and put a suspension. After I drop it, maybe it will look better.

The reason why I put these on the rims because I want to hide the gouges. I’m lazy and I don’t want to redo these rims. They would look nice though if I did it.

Question: I ran clear coat real bad.  I ended up burning through my paint. What should I do?

What do you mean burning through the paint? Does it mean you sanded it too much? You burned through your clear coat and went into the base coat a little bit? What grit were you sanding with?

If you burn through it, there’s really nothing you can do about it. You need to prep that panel again if you want it to come out nice. You need to base that area again and clear coat the panel.

You could try to melt it in. You have to make sure that your whole panel surrounding it is at least sanded with 1500-grit. Then, you could melt your clear into it and buff it.

That’s why I always mention that you need to take your time when blocking out your car, get it flat then you’re good to go for buffing.

It also depends where you burn it? If it’s on a little corner, you can sometimes just base it with a paint brush then clear it, so you can hide it. You don’t want to go crazy if it’s a tiny spot on the corner.

I’m really excited about the online auto body shop that I’m setting up. I’ve hooked up with a lot of vendors in SEMA that can supply me the products. But, I still need to test these out.

For all of the newbies, head to my website and grab your FREE 85-Page Auto Body And Paint Manual. If you want to get the complete Mazda Miata Series, join the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Thank you guys for getting on tonight. I will keep you posted on all updates. See you again next week, Thursday at 9pm Eastern.

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