How Long Should I Let Single-Stage Paint Dry Before I Unmask and Scuff It: Auto Body Q&A 🙋‍♂️

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Hey, it’s Tony with another live stream! Today’s focus question is How Long Should I Let Single-Stage Paint Dry Before I Unmask and Scuff It?

How is everybody doing? Thanks for joining me today despite the slight hiccup of not realizing we’re already in DST so I went live an hour earlier. 😬 But, I’m still glad you guys came and are tuned in and loving my new camera as well! 😊

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Let’s go ahead with our Q&A. 👍

Question: Is it okay to apply sealer over a base coat?

Absolutely. I’d recommend sanding your base coat with 400-600 grit before laying it, especially if it’s been sitting for days.

Question: How long do I have to tape up and spray stripes over single-stage paint before I need to scuff it?

If you’re painting single-stage urethane paint, I’d let it dry overnight or for a couple of days and then scuff it with 800-1000-grit and paint it. 

Don’t forget to use your fine line tape on those stripes. I like the ⅛ tape, but if you’re doing straight, you can do a quarter-inch, since ⅛ is great when doing curves, flames and tricky type of stuff.

I don’t recommend using a masking tape like the 3M on this because it has so much adhesion you get issues when you’re peeling it off. Try to use the Home Depot blue painter’s tape. It has a good seal on the edges and doesn’t stick as much on the paint itself.

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