How To Remove Waterspots With Compound With No Tools Needed

Hey, it’s Tony! Thank you for watching the video and checking out my blog. Today, I’m going to show you How To Remove Waterspots With Compound With No Tools Needed.

I am in Japan! I’m with my wife and her friends. We’re going to YellowHat, an auto parts store. Let’s check it out!

We’ll look for a buffing compound because her friend has an issue with waterspots.  Check out the tires they’re selling. Look at the display they have on water that goes through the tires. Pretty crazy!

Check out those little advertisements they have all over the place and my little Ally girl enjoying the sight.

I’m going to test out this area of the car with the compound that we bought. It worked and you can also do your lights with this compound. It’s just a lot of muscle work taking out these waterspots, especially on the windows since it sticks a lot.

Watch the video as I rub off an area of the car with the compound and test it on different areas as well. I also had my wife’s friend try it and taught her how to do it properly.

This stuff worked pretty much doing it by hand. It’s only in Japan and costs $13. Not too bad, right?

It would be a lot easier with a buffer, but it does take out the waterspots even without it.

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