Quick CX-5 Body & Paint Spruce

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Hi it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. We’re going to do a “Quick CX-5 Body & Paint Spruce”.

Let’s go ahead and grab some masking tape and put some on my screwdriver. Here’s a trick I want to show you when you want to take out some plastic trims without damaging your paint.

Check out the video as I demo how I popped out some of the pieces of my car without damaging the paint of the CX-5. It’s pretty easy but quite hard for me with one hand holding the camera. LOL!

The entire bumper cover and hood will be painted, but I also wanted to paint out these pieces that I’m taking out. Those pieces will be gloss black as well as the bottom part.

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We’re going to turn this granny CX-5 into a sporty CX-5. We’ll be doing some crazy stuff to it and boss this thing out.

It’s a clean 2014 CX-5 that I recently scored in eBay. You won’t believe how much I bought this thing! I want to make this look cool and do some auto body hacks to it. Maybe I’ll use if for a while, then flip it and make some extra dollars. That’s the way we roll!

Phase 1 is paint some little pieces that I took out. Then, phase 2 is doing the bumper cover and hood. I’m not going into phase 2 now because I need this on the road and start driving it to get some groceries.

Basically, what will be painted in front will be the bumper cover and hood. We’ll not be painting the fenders and doors. All of these are good. We will be doing some pinstripping using Prostripe. I love Prostripe because it looks really cool. It’s vinyl with beautiful colors. If you don’t like it, then don’t use it but I do.

Then, I’ll be doing some cool graphics design with the pinstripe in one area of the car and later on doing some gloss black on the bottom of the car. I will glossing all of the flat plastic.

And, I might even plasti dip the wheels. I think it will look good. What do you think? Let’s take a vote, plasti dip the wheels or leave them silver? Plasti dip is easy compared to making it gloss black. Then, I will be putting these running boards as well. It will look awesome once this is finished.

Again, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Thank you so much for joining me today. Please SMASH that Like Button! Share and Subscribe to my videos.

Cheers! Talk soon!


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