Reasons for Orange Peel and Dryness: Auto Body Q&A 🍊

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I am back! Tony of LearnAutoBodyAndPaint is back witn another auto body Q&A session. Today’s highlight is Reasons for Orange Peel and Dryness.

Question: What is color sanding? 

It’s basically sanding your clear coat. It’s part of the final stages of painting. 

Question: What do you think about Apollo 2000,3000 turbine systems? It seems to be cheaper than getting a good compressor and guns.

I wish I had an answer for you because I don’t have my own turbine system. I think it’s okay however, I still recommend that you get a good old 60-gallon compressor, especially if you need the pressure when working cars. Turbine systems don’t have that forced pressure of a good old-fashioned air compressor. 

Question: What is the painting order on classic cars that need dash, trim, inside, etc., painted. Is it paint interior first then back? Mask doors, windshield front/rear, trunk then paint the exterior or do the opposite?

It’s really up to you. I prefer to do the interiors, hood and door jambs at one shot then do the body after. 

Although if you have the time, you can do everything at one shot. It will be 3-4 hours of painting and custom colors like two-tone painting will be 6 hours. 

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Question: I have a 1970 Challenger RT and would like to acid dip it once. What do I do next? I would like to use PPG Refinish Automotive?

Once you’re done with the acid dip, you need to use an epoxy primer and go over all of that followed by a 2K filler primer. You need to use 2-3 coats each.

Question: I’m fixing a dent in a motorcycle tank that is down to bare metal. Should I body fill the dent first before primer or primer first before body fill the dent?

You need to fill the dent on top of metal and then primer it. 

Question: I bought an Atom X27 Spray Gun with a 1.4 tip and a 2.0 for primer. Do I need a 1.3 for base coat? 

You can paint both base coat and clear coat with a 1.3 or 1.4 tip. However, I suggest also getting a 1.3 just to see how it sprays out. It’s really about what you prefer using. I prefer the 1.4 over 1.3.

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Question: Can I paint a hood with an LVLP gun on a 15ish gallon tank?

There isn’t a lot of air coming out of that 15-gallon tank. It’s a very low volume, but you can get away with it. You just need to play catch up with it. If you’re just doing a hood or a small panel, you’ll be okay. 

The only thing that you have to remember is you should be laying it on wet. That’s the biggest mistake a lot of people make when they’re spraying. 

Some people are hesitant to go back when they’re spraying to hit the dry spots. They’re so scared of messing up the paint. 

Make sure that you’re laying it on glossy. If you see a dry spot, don’t be afraid to go back and lay it all wet. The operative word here is GET IT GLOSSY. This is the main reason for orange peel, dryness and the paint not flowing out. 

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