Tools You’ll Need to Start Auto Bodywork: Auto Body Q&A 🧰

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It’s Tony B. Richie with another auto body live Q&A session. Today’s focus is Tools You’ll Need to Start Auto Bodywork.

Let’s time to talk about your projects once again! 🥳

Question: I am working on my 36 Buick and the rear fenders have a long dent I can get to both sides of the fender. Should I pound it out from the backside and should I use a dolly or wood to beat against?

A dolly is always good to use. You can just hit it at the back with a hammer and get it as flat as you can. Once you’re done, go to the outer side and grind it with a grinder and get it down to metal. Then, sand the area with 80-grit so the body filler will stick to it as you blend. Lastly, shape it with your blocks, get it ready with 2K primer, fill it and you should be good. 

Here’s a blog where I used a stud welder to pull out dents: 

DEMO: How To Use a Stud Welder and Pull Out Dents FAST

Question: I want to start doing jobs but no money for tools or materials. Any ideas? 

If you want to do auto body, stop worrying and look for jobs! Go out and work on your friend’s car. Charge them for $1500 since materials will only cost you $300-$400. 

Tell your friend to pay you half which you can buy some tools and materials to start with. Once you complete the job, you’ll get a little bit of profit from it. 

All you need is materials – paint, sandpaper, primer, DA sander and a spray gun. That’s pretty much it. Maybe you can also get a nice auto body hammer set which is $30-$40. There are tons of other tools but don’t work on crazy jobs when you’re starting out, jobs that will require you to use a welder or stud puller. Start out with simple jobs to bring in some money. For every job completed, invest in some more tools. 

Remember to always take care of your tools like spray guns. You always need to clean them very well otherwise it won’t last. Tools last a long time if you clean, take care of them and store them properly. 

Visit Zoolaa and check out the Atom Spray Guns. These spray guns have great quality and won’t cost as much as the more popular brands out in the market like Sata or Iwata. 

Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun
Atom X20 Spray Gun

Question: I want to start getting auto body jobs but I’m scared of messing something up. What should I do?

You will mess something up. At one point, you will make a mistake but that’s not the issue. You just have to correct it, learn from it and move on! Don’t be scared of starting something that you are passionate about! 

Question: ​I need to paint the side of my boat. Do you have any suggestions on what type of paint I should use?

There is a lot of acrylic marine paint you can use. You can also use car paint. 

Question: Where do you suggest is the best spot for finding cars to flip?

You can look up Craiglist, OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace. You can also approach “bird dogs”. If you spread the word out to family and friends that you are looking for a cheap car, these bird dogs will approach you. 

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