Tips On Spraying Pearl Paint On Car, Spray Gun Problem and Solution, and More Autobody Q&A

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QUESTION:  ​Are there any tips on spraying gun metal grey? Is it easier to spray them with silver metallic?

It’s pretty much the same thing. I would just say if you’re shooting any type of Silver or metallic just make sure you got a good gun that’s evenly distributing paint. Make sure your gun is clean number one failure for people having to screw up their guns or messing up their guns is not properly cleaning and taking care of your guns. 

So after you paint, make sure you clean, and take your gun apart, not every nut and bolt because you don’t have to take it completely apart. Mainly your fluid tip, the needle, that whole area there clean it really well and put it back together. That’s the main thing as long as you keep your guns clean, they should spray. Because when spraying any type of metallics or flakes, if you have a dirty gun or a malfunctioning gun that’s not properly atomizing, you’re gonna get heavy spray at the top or bottom or in the middle. 

The key is to have an even distribution of paint material hitting the panel when you’re painting, that’s going to give you tiger stripes. Incorrect fan pattern overlay will give you an issue as well.

This is the reason why I like using ATOM spray guns, they are atomized really well and they spray fantastically. They’re good medium-grade guns, they don’t cost a fortune, and you get a really good result. So other than that, I would say make sure you’re spraying at 26-27 pounds trigger pulled.

You can read your digital gauge, trigger pulled, the air coming in, push the button, make sure it’s reading 26-27 pounds of air coming out, and then just go at it. Hopefully, that helps. 

QUESTION:  ​Is there a big difference if I may get the name wrong? I believe it’s a mixing clear and an intercoat/midcoat clear.

There are many ways to lay paints. Inner coat clear could be clearer carrying metal flake. And then you could put more plain clear coat on top of it. The other thing you could do is use an inner coat base coat. 

I’ve never heard of mixing the inner coat base with clear but you can have an inner coat, a clear base coat which carries your flakes or pearl for you. I like to skip that most of the time. I’ll just mix flake or pearl right into my clear coat and I’ll use clear as my inner coat. I do that with candy as well and I show you how to do that in VIP.

We basically use a clear coat as a carrier to lay candy because when you spray candy (the candy paint kits) they want to sell you their candy carrier which is the same thing as a clear coat.

So there are just many ways to do it guys and I break down my method of how I successfully shoot candies and flakes and pearls in Learn Auto Body VIP but you can also get free training at Get the free training right here.

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QUESTION: Is mixing a pearl with clear and then shooting just clear a good idea? or should I just do the regular 3-stage pearl?

If you’re doing an OEM job and you’re painting like you’re trying to get to OEM and then they basically sell you the base, the inner, the Pearl, and then the clear, I would just do it their way. Because you’re going to have your own Pearl inner coat which you’re going to mix 1:1 with your reducer and spray that over your base coat. So you’re going to spray your white pearl and then you gotta put your clear coat on top. 

But if you’re doing a custom job, you know where you’re not trying to color match or doing OEM type of thing then absolutely, I always mix pearls or flakes in my clear coat. You could mix Pearl and your clear coat and just lay two coats of pearl just like that and not even have a clear coat over it. Because the pearl is so fine, it literally just mixes in and buries itself in the clear coat. 

I’ve done many custom paint jobs where you just paint the custom bike. So you did like a white base and then you just put some blue pearl in the clear coat, put two coats of clear and you’re done. The only issue is if you have any runs so you have to make sure when you got to make sure that you can lay down paint. Lay it on thick and glossy without running or sagging and that was kind of like one of my things. I was able to really paint, I still can paint really well without having any runs or sags. I guess I just have good paint flow and distance.

QUESTION:  I’m using the UPOL high build 2, first time using a paint gun. I shot it this morning and it was spitting towards the end. Left a few small chunks. What do you think? 

It’s probably because your primer was maybe too thick. So if your material is too thick, it’s going to start spitting out your gun and coming out dry. Unless another reason is maybe after you mixed it, you didn’t strain it into your cup. 

I would take your next filter out of the gun and just drain your primer before putting it into your gun. Get rid of your filter, this way you have better flow out, I would double-check those steps. 

But it’s not necessary to have a super smooth primer like you could screw up during the primer stage. Because even if you’re blowing out dry primer or spits or chunks of primer for some reason, your paint gun is clogged up or your materials are too thick you’re okay because you’re going to be blocking all of that down and out anyway. 

You just got to make sure your primer is clean so that’s probably the reason. I would even reduce your primer a little bit, maybe 5-10%, just get a little bit more liquid in there, thin it out a little bit. Make sure your gun is clean, strain it before you put it in your cup, and make sure your neck filter is out of the gun then go ahead and try it again. Because sometimes primers cakey out of the box.

So if you have a new can of primer and it’s been sitting for a while, go ahead and mix it. Sometimes the chunks don’t break down as you’re reducing it and mixing up your primer which is going to give you some chunks coming out. It’s not a deal breaker, just let it dry and you block it out with 400 and then you’re ready for paint.

QUESTION:  ​Can you recommend a good quality pearl that’s not too expensive?

I like the House of Kolor but they’re very expensive. But Zoolaa has its own Pearl brand called X finishes. Check the colors out. They have like about 10 to 15 different colors. I have a lot of X finishes pearls that I’ve sprayed with. Really good quality Pearl and I think it’s like 20 bucks. Sometimes you can get a deal buy one get one free at so check them out.

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