What Paint Will Last in Florida Weather: Auto Body Q&A 🌤️

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We’re back for another auto body Q&A!  🥳🥳🥳

Hey, hey, hey! Today’s focus question is What Paint Will Last in Florida Weather? 🤔

Question: Have you ever used crushed glass?

Sorry, but I have not used this yet. 

Question: What is the best clearcoat brand for Florida? Something that’s going to last in Florida weather.

I’m not sure, I like House of Kolor clears, I think they are a great brand. If it lasts in Texas head, I don’t see why it won’t last in Florida. 

At the end of the day, a paint job will last as much as you take care of it. You can also look up brands like DuPont. PPG and House of Kolor. 

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Those are great overall spray guns. However, If you want to be technical about it, the HVLP Spray Guns are good for base coats and metallics. On the other hand, LVLP Spray Guns are ideal for clear coat. 

Question winter is on way in VA. and I want to spray small project (toolboxes etc…) in garage. Will it be OK to use Buddy propane heater? 

Paint is not that flammable to just blow up when you’re heating your garage. However, you need to have good ventilation like set up some fans. 

Question: For headlights, do you just sand with 800-grit and clear it? Or is there another step?

Yes, you can sand it with 800-grit and then clear coat it. Once you’ve done those, you are good. 👌

Question: Have you ever hooked up a 60-80 gallon into a 9500-watt power generator?

No, I haven’t. Go ahead as long as that wattage can crank it. 

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