👉Controlling and Preventing Dieback in Car Paint: Auto Body Q&A

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Tony B. Richie is back with another auto body Q&A live session and today’ focus is controlling and preventing dieback in car paint.

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Giveaway question: What is the final grit before paint?

Correct answer: 400-grit. You can use 500-grit but I personally prefer to use 400-grit because it eventually turns into 500 or 600-grit as you continue using it. 😉

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I see a question on intercoat clear. An intercoat clear is more for newbie painters who have the fear of running their paint job. An intercoat helps to hold it and lay it on.

Also, remember that jumbo flakes can be used out of a 1.8 to 2.0 tip size. 005 is not a jumbo flake and you can use this type of flake out of of a 1.4 tip. However, I recommend that you test it first.

Another thing to remember that flow coating makes your candy paint job look really good. However, it’s not really needed on basic base coat clear coat paint system. 

Question: How do you spray matte black?

It’s the same exact process as you would any other paint job. It sprays right on and it dries matte. There is no extra step for this.

Question: How do I sand down to bare metal?

You just need to use 80-grit or 40-grit on a DA sander then sand it down.

Question: Would 150 psi 10-gallon compressor be adequate for car painting?

I have so many articles on my website and answered this a lot of time on my live streams. If you want to check out some articles, we have some on Zoolaa. 👇👇👇


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Question: How do you control, prevent and fix dieback in paint?

A lot of is dependent on the clear coat that you use. Dieback happens when using cheaper clear coat. I highly recommend using more expensive ones to have less dieback in your paint.

However, if you want to use a cheaper clear coat, you can color sand and buff it after you shoot it and you can’t tell the difference from an expensive clear coat. 👊

It’s Tony B. Richie from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Thanks everyone for joining me today and I hope you learned a lot from today’s session. 😊

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