How Much InterCoat Do I Need To Paint An Entire Truck: Auto Body Q&A 🤔

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It’s another auto body Q&A live with Tony B. Richie! Today’s highlight question is How Much InterCoat Do I Need To Paint An Entire Truck?

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The entire process took me about 45 minutes and it came out super glossy. The body shop across the street thought that I used base coat clear coat on it. They were blown away when I told them that I used single-stage paint. 

Atom X88 Spray Gun

I used the Atom X88 Infinity Spray Gun with the GunBudd Ultra Lighting System. The GunBudd helped us a lot since there wasn’t enough lighting in my friend’s space. He just had a 4-foot fluorescent light which wasn’t enough.

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The next project will be The Honda Grom Motorcycle. I already have the House of Kolor Candy for it since we’re going to do candy color on it and some graphics.

I might also do the BMW i3 Electric Car and putting some custom color on it. 

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Let’s proceed with our Q&A!

Question: I’m trying to do a pearl paint job. Will a Quart of C2C-SG 150 intercoat from House of Kolor work? I’m painting an entire truck.

If you’re referring to a quart of sprayable paint, I don’t think that’s enough to do an entire truck. I’d say you’ll be needing a minimum of 3 quarts of sprayable material.

Question: What seam sealer you recommend other than the 3M since it’s expensive?

I don’t use a lot of seam sealer but that’s the most popular brand. I don’t really know of an alternative brand of seam sealer. I think Eastwood has a seam sealer. 

Question: What do you think of black base with volcano lava red mini flake?

I’ve done black with red flake before and it looks really cool. I think that will look crazy! 🔥

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