How To Body Work 101 – Learn Auto Body Q&A

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Hey, hey, hey! Tony B. Richie is back with another live stream entitled How To Body Work 101.

Before we proceed with the Q&A, I have a great feedback from VIP Ellen saying that his Atom X27 LVLP Spray Gun was used to paint his truck and she loved it! 

That is awesome! 😎 Share some pics as I’m excited to see your two-tone truck! For quality spray guns that won’t break the bank, visit Zoolaa and check out the Atom Spray Guns. These are great guns that come with the FREE GunBudd Lighting System that will definitely help you with low lighting issues.

Question: Question: I have a Toyota Tacoma and I want to paint it black with murdered candy red. What’s the process on how to do it?

I know there are YT videos for these types of projects. All you’re really doing is spraying some black base coat and puts some flake on it and cover it candy red. It’s basically just red candy on top of black base coat. 

It looks dark but when the lights hit it, the red shines out. It’s important to put flake in it to make the red pop. It will be very hard to see that red if it’s just a solid black base coat. 

Also just remember that candies are best shown over a light silver base coat. 👌

Question: Does raptor liner work over powder coat?

Yes, I would assume so if you’re going to get rid of that powder coat finish. Just scuff it up with 80 to 100-grit and shoot it. 

Question: How does low humidity affect painting?

Low humidity is a drier environment. It doesn’t hurt it at all. You have a little bit of moisture in the air with high humidity. The only issue you’ll encounter is condensation in your air compressor. 

If you’re using a smaller air compressor like a 30-gallon one, you’ll be draining your tank 2-3 times while painting because it builds up water in your tank. 

Question: If I was to paint metal flake on my clear coat, should I paint the whole car at once?

Yes, absolutely! I’d recommend using a micro sequence mini flake. Don’t use a big flake. Check out the X Finishes Pearls and Flakes on Zoolaa. I suggest the Ultra Silver Mini Flake because I’ve used this many times and I love this color! 🥰

X Finishes Ultra Silver Mini Flake on Zoolaa

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  1. Hey Tony,

    Love your videos. I have a question that I have not been able to get answered by searching the web. I have some ABS plastic motorcycle saddle bags that got some pretty deep scratches in them when the bike fell over. they are about 1/32″ deep. What should I use to fill them with before painting.


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