Single-Stage Prep and Painting Tips | How To Repair Clear Coat – More Autobody Q&A

When applying single-stage paint, the surface prep is typically a lot less work than when painting in multiple stages. The goal of such paints is to go on smooth and produce long-lasting finishes with extended durability and excellent appearance. In order to achieve these goals, we use different techniques than are used for traditional two-part or multi-coat systems. In this blog, I shared some tips and advice on spraying types of paints on cars. Don’t forget to sign-up for to Learn Auto Body and Paint FREE COURSE for the step-by-step autobody work/process of “The G.O.O.D. Van Project”. Please also LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YT channel for new videos coming out. 

QUESTION:  I got runs in my paint job looks pretty bad should I re-spray the whole truck or just stand down and blend it? It’s a white single-stage.

It depends on what you want to do. You could just do a single panel if you want. Do you have runs all the way around the vehicle? Is it like runs all over the place or just in one spot? If it’s in one area like a quarter panel or a fender you could just respray that panel.

QUESTION: I have damage on a 2021 Ford F 152 with small 2mm dents, question is do I need to clear the entire bedside after I fill it prime and paint, or can I just use something like a blend coat?

To do the job correctly, if you’re doing any kind of painting it’s best to clear the entire panel. Because if you’re going to be blending on a small section it’s gonna be hard to blend a wide panel. You don’t want to be blending in a wide panel you want to be blending in a small panel so, like a door pillar column type of thing, that’s kind of where you want to do your blends but not like over a huge wide area.

QUESTION: Wet on wet then you leave 30 mins for paint?

For primer, you could spray primer a few times while it’s wet, so that’s fine. You don’t have to let primer flash as much as you let base coat flash or single-stage. So you could lay a primer on a panel and come back around in five minutes even though it’s still a little wet.

You can just soak more primer on it as long as you don’t like wet it out so much that you’re getting a bunch of runs. As long as you don’t run it, you’re fine but if you do run it you just let that dry and you block it out, sand it out, so that’s fine if you want to spray primer you’re on “wet on wet” and get it.

QUESTION: How many coats of white did you use to cover the green?

Two coats. So when spraying single-stage normally you’re putting two heavy coats on and you’re done. So what I did initially was I did the roof (van) first two coats because I didn’t want to do the roof then come down and risk touching the side of the van again with my clothes or anything.

I put two heavy coats on the roof, two coats on the body, and called it a day. I waited three days, let it cure, taped up my graphic, and the two-tone all around with fine line tape.

QUESTION: ​Is it easier and quick to spray single stage or the other way base and clear coat? 

It’s easier and quicker to spray single-stage because you’re only putting two coats on and you’re done. If you’re doing base/clear, you’re putting 2-3 coats of base and then you’re putting two coats of clear.

Single stage cover is very quick and thick. Your prep doesn’t have to be as finicky or as fine as when you’re doing base coat. But actually, I pretty much finished when I was sanding the black with 400 grit. I wanted to make sure the black came out really nice because with black you can see a lot of imperfection.  

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