Can You Add Pearl In Base Coat? – Automotive Bodywork And Paint Tips

Hey! What’s goin’ on, my friends! In this video, we’re going to cover a couple of questions that more of my subscribers sent in. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is… “Tony, I want to put Pearls and Flakes in my paint, should I just mix them in my base coat? Can I … Read more

What Color To Paint My Car (Color Choosing Tips)

What Color To Paint My Car? Here are some things that you should consider before painting your vehicle. This is good information to know before you mess up a potential easy sale if you decide to sell your ride at one point of time. If you don’t care about selling your car and original value … Read more

How To Paint Pearl or Flake – Mix in Clear Coat or Intercoat?

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How To Paint With Pearls & Flakes – What is Pearl Paint? Painting Your Car With Pearl Paint!

How To Paint With Pearl… In this post let’s briefly touch on automotive pearl painting, pearls, flakes and micro sequence flake. The most popular automotive pearls come in 2 forms. The first is your powder pearls then your liquid pearls. The difference is nothing much. One is just mixed in a sappy liquid which you scoop out … Read more